Ongoing 'Art Series'

Class Features

Our Spring Season is in session!

Images from Past Seasons


Art Educational Philosophy

Our curriculum is structured using an approach called “Teaching for Artistic Behavior” (TAB for short), which stresses the importance of student choice in art education.  We seek to strike a balance between skill-building exercises and authentic art-making experiences. We strive to cover lots of new materials and ways of thinking about art. The exciting thing about TAB classes is that every artwork is different and belongs to the individual student. Providing open-ended work time allows students to utilize the full breadth of critical thinking and emotional engagement that art-making holds potential for. 

Enrollment Information

The 'Art Class Series for Kids' is an ongoing class offering, and your child can stay enrolled for as long as your family desires.  Once enrolled, your child will always maintain a reserved spot in the next season until the end of the current season.  If, at the end of the current season, your family has not registered for the next, the spot will become open for anyone to enroll.  Space is limited, and we want to be able to provide art instruction to all interested while also maintaining continuity for current students.  

Families interested in a partial scholarship for the season should inquire via email